How You Can Create An Environment At Home To Help Your Family Thrive with Technology.

At times, we aren’t aware of the impact that technology and atmosphere in our home is having on our quality of life. If your spaces at home are chaotic, unfocused, unstructured, it could negatively affect you and your kids. However, a structured, focused tech environment can have a lasting positive impact on how your kids and the family move forward in life.

So how can you create a structured, focused tech environment that is calming to help your family thrive?

Here are a few things to try.

Create a Tech Space in Your Home
One of the first things you can do is create spaces in your home that inspire exploration and are tech-friendly. Start with a place that you all can be comfortable and able to share what you are viewing. Maybe it is a couch in the family room or around the kitchen table. Once you know what that spot is, make it sure the entire family knows that this is our tech space for sharing and learning. Make sure the kids know that you will be looking to learn from them about the latest technology. It can be a great way to encourage them to start being aware of their thoughts and feelings about the impact of tech, social media etc. on their lives.
Parents, guardians, caregivers, and teachers can take the following measures to help protect children from online bullies, becoming victims of online child predators. Discuss internet safety, supervise use of the internet, Review games, apps and social media sites before they are downloaded by children, Adjust privacy and use parental controls, Tell children to avoid providing personal info, photos and videos online.