About US

The Business of Playing, Learning, Creating

and Earning…

An esports & videogame media network with community touchpoints nationwide

The Mission

To be the most customer centric play, learn and earn company: Leverage physical centers, content and the metaverse where every customer can be delighted and excited to experience our superior products and services.

The Vision

To positively impact grassroots communities, make it easy to access STEM and STEAM career and lifestyle mentoring, tech info, via the MAP platform of media networks, gaming centers, and the metaverse. Through our partnerships with industry leaders, we empower communities and individuals with the awareness of endless opportunities to play, create, learn and earn.

Game Metaverse

Our Values

To leverage the latest media, gaming and metaverse focused technologies to help make the world better. Working with our valued partners, Fortune 500 businesses and communities to use our platform to deliver the best content and positively impact mainstream and disadvantaged kids and families.

Foundation of our business

The foundation of our business is our people, employees, contractors, customers, partners and advertiser/sponsors. Positive social impact is integrated into the foundation of everything we do. We provide opportunities to play, learn, create, earn and grow thru our media, esports/gaming, robotics/coding and metaverse/NFT platforms while having a positive social impact.

Our Platforms and Services


Our platform and services include audio, video and print. MAP Esports Podcast and Video content is distributed on major podcast and video platforms. We operate the largest esports podcast network in America. Our social media, magazines digital and print complement our local and national events and gaming centers.


Our esports and gaming platform provides everything needed for casual gaming to tournament play on PC, Console, Cloud, Mobile or Blockchain gaming. Our gaming and esports services are integrated with STEM, STEAM and Mentor based curriculum and activities.


Our robotics and coding platform and services help prepare participants for tomorrow’s career opportunities. Industrial, Drones, Safety and Security focused robotics are part of our certificated programs. We offer fun, collaborative, competitions, tournaments, events, career site visits and mentoring.

    Gaming Centers/Events

    Our gaming centers and events platform services are designed to support fun revenue generating activities in retail gaming and entertainment locations. Our esports/gaming and robotics/coding are integrated. They also provide our municipal gaming center locations with a turnkey solution to offering these important STEM/STEAM based activities.

    (PPL) Power Players League/Teams

    Our league and team platform provides everything needed to create, manage and generate revenue from a team. Our esports/gaming and robotics/coding competitions operate under the PPL. We sell and support Power Players League, team franchises as well as use our platform to support our municipal and retail gaming center community touchpoints.

    Metaverse/NFTs Marketplace

    The Metaverse is commonly defined as a network of virtual worlds focused on social connection and interaction. Our Metaverse initiatives and NFT Marketplace platforms leverage content (audio, video, print, gaming, graphic art, characters etc.) from our network and third parties and distribute them on the blockchain via a crypto based revenue sharing model.

      Ready to make a real change? Let’s make the world better together!

      We are focused! On positive social impact, preparing tomorrow’s workforce via access to technology, STEM and STEAM careers, Playing and Learning, providing our partners measurable access to grassroots and mainstream communities.